If a text occurs several times in the same job, the repetitions are indicated by the icon below the source language segment.

The repetitions can be displayed independently from the TM hits via the view settings.

Accept repetitions

  1. Click the RPT icon below a source language segment. A pop-up will be opened that displays the source language text together with the translation found.
  2. Click the transfer button to the right of the target language text displayed.

Result: The selected repetition is applied to the target language segment.


Automatic preallocation with exactly the same repetitions

With this option, segments with the same source language can be filled automatically with the same content in the target language after the first translation. The pre-translation takes place over all content, pages and sections of the job. Only segments without a target language entry are pre-translated.

Disable automatic instant memory pre-translation

  1. In the online editor, click on Settings in the toolbar
  2. Click on Propagate Repetitions in the target language section
  3. Click Apply

Result: option was activated / disabled.

Note: this function is active by default for all users.

Instant memory – automatic pre-translation for target language

  1. Translate a segment
  2. Save

Result: All segments with identical source language, which were previously empty, were translated.

Note: pre-translation is performed when auto saving, e.g., at new page or section