By setting up administrative groups, several clients or business areas in different groups can work administratively on a single ONTRAM instance. The administrative rights can be restricted to a single group (hierarchy or job group).

A user who is assigned to specific administrative groups in ONTRAM can see all groups in the group tree, but only edit the groups to which he is assigned via the administrative groups.

Create administrative groups

Based on all other group settings, the settings for the administrative groups can be created either on a hierarchy level with inheritance to all job subgroups, or individually for each job group.

  1. Click Administration > User Administration > Administrative Groups
  2. Create administrative group.
  3. Enter name and optionally a description for the administrative group
  4. Add required users to the dministrative group
  5. Click .

Result: An administrative group is getting created.

Assign administrative group to the required hierarchy or job group.

  1. Administration > Jobs > click on the desired hierarchy or jobs group.
  2. Click .
  3. Click General Settings.
  4. Enter the corresponding administration group under Administration group.
  5. Click .

Result: Administrative group has been defined.

Authorizations in administration groups

The authorizations in administration groups are managed by the following authorizations:

Job management: Administrator for group settings: Users with this permission may edit job group settings and manage jobs in all administration groups to which they are assigned. This permission is used when users should be able to edit their assigned administration groups, but are not allowed to edit all job groups in the system. Users who can edit and manage all jobs in an ONTRAM system are assigned the authorization Show Job Management.

Job administration: Job administration for administration group: Users with this permission can see the administration groups assigned to them. You may create, edit and administer jobs in these administrative groups.

To create new administration groups, the user must have the authorization Super User Administration Groups. The Super User Administration Groups authorization requires the Display User Administration authorization.