During job creation, files are created with which the job content can be checked. These checks can be used to determine whether all texts for the translation process have been recorded and the texts will be completely filled with the target language.

The document verification files are located in the top-level content area of a job in the Administration > Jobs menu .

Document check Icon Description

100% Check


This document can be used to check the job structure after a translation. The content is read and then written back again. When comparing the original to this file, one can determine whether structure and formatting are identical.
Empty Check


This document can be used to check whether all translation-relevant texts have been recorded. All texts, which are recognized as translation-relevant, are removed. If there are still texts in this document, these texts will not be translated.
HTML Preview

The HTML preview can be used to check whether the segmentation has been performed correctly. The view contains the texts segmented in the same way the translator will edit them.