Help and support


The first point of contact we recommend for questions regarding ONTRAM is the ONTRAM online help portal (the platform you are currently on). The ONTRAM online help portal contains the documentation on how to use ONTRAM. The help portal can be accessed from the application via the start page or via the link in the user menu in the upper right corner.

Support by email

If you do not find an appropriate answer to your question in the ONTRAM help portal, or if you would like to report a technical problem, we offer you the possibility to contact one of our support employees directly. Our support staff is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

Further information on email support

Live Chat Support

With the chat support you can get in direct contact with trained employees. Questions or problems with ONTRAM can be answered via live chat. To contact our support staff, use the tile on the start page in ONTRAM or the link in the user menu on the top right.

Please refer to the Chat Support chapter for more information.