Job Groups

In order to administrate translation projects in an accurate way, a clear and unambiguous structure is necessary for the projects. The job groups can be found within the Administration > Jobs menu. Jobs are managed within a hierarchical structure that can contain so-called job groups and hierarchy groups. Small arrows are placed before the hierarchy groups that enable to hide or expand the groups contained.

Type Description
Hierarchy group

Hierarchy groups in ONTRAM may be used to clearly distinguish different business areas, types of media or translation work flows. Within hierarchy groups it is possible to set up secondary hierarchy groups as well as job groups. Hierarchy groups are visualized by .

Note: Jobs cannot be created in a group once lower-level groups have been created within it.

Job Group

Job Groups contain the actual translation jobs. They cannot contain a minor group. Job Groups are displayed by .

Note: As soon as a Job is created in a Hierarchy Group, this group automatically becomes a Job Group and no further groups can be created within it any more.

Create group

  1. Click Administration > Jobs .
  2. Click New Group in the toolbar. An input mask opens.
    Note: To create a sub-group, click a hierarchy group first.
  3. Enter Name
  4. Click Save group .

Result: The Group has been created.

Delete Group

  1. Click Administration > Jobs .
  2. Click a Job Group.
  3. Click Delete Group in the toolbar. A security prompt opens.
    Note: Groups can only be deleted if there are no jobs inside the group.
  4. Click OK to confirm security prompt.

Result: The group has been deleted.

Change group name

  1. Click Administration > Jobs > Settings.
  2. Change Name of the Group.
  3. Click Change Name.

Result: The name of the group has been changed.

Group Settings

Properties can be defined for each group. By default, these properties are inherited by all underlying groups and the orders created in them. The properties are inherited by the underlying groups and orders until own properties are defined in this level.

  • Click in the Administration > Jobs menu on a hierarchy group to change the settings of a hierarchy group.
  • To change the settings of a job group, click on the job group in Administration > Jobs and then on [Graphic] in the function bar.