Previous Jobs

A Previous Job is based on a Reference Job. This Reference Job could be, for instance, the final version of the Job from the previous year.

Segments translated and set in the layout of the Reference Job can be adopted by the user for the current Job. This avoids duplicating work and thus saves time and money.

The Previous job process has a few advantages over using Translation Memory:

  • The text layout (conditional line breaks, etc.) can be taken over from the Reference Job.
  • The exact segment required is proposed, rather than multiple variants as in Translation Memory.

To use the Previous job function in a Job, the Reference Job has to be set. When linking Job parts and Content parts, it is important to pay attention to the sequence of the assigned Content parts. If the Content parts in the referenced Job parts are linked in the sequence Cover-Content, they must be linked in the same sequence in the Update Job as well. Select the Previous Job in the settings of the current Job and then start the automation task "Compare with previous job".

Define previous job

  1. Click Administration > Jobs and navigate to the desired job.
  2. Click on a Job Part.
  3. Click in the toolbar.
  4. Click on Additional Settings .
  5. Click on Define Previous Job .
  6. Click on a job group.
  7. Click on a job.
  8. Click on a Job Part.
  9. Click Save
  10. You have the option of disabling automatic preallocation for the target language.
  11. Click in the toolbar.

Result: A previous job for this job part has been defined.

Start compare with previous job.

  1. Click Administration > Jobs and navigate to the desired job.
  2. Click on a Job Part.
  3. Click Automation .
  4. In the section Create language task , select Compare with previous job in the column Start .
  5. Activate one or more target languages in the Create language task section in Language selection column.
  6. Click Add tasks .

Result: Translations from previous Job are imported into the Job so that the user can adopt them for target language segments. The previous Job has to be configured beforehand in the settings for the Job.

Note: Multiple automation actions can be created simultaneously.