One of the most important functions in the translation process is the application of terminology. This ensures that terms like proper names are translated identically in every language, and that certain terms are always translated the same way into the same target language.

In ONTRAM, individual terms are grouped in domains. The domains are assigned to jobs and job groups. Each job can have an individual terminology.

Terminology in the Online Editor

Terms in the source language are indicated by green or blue font color.

Color Description
Green The term is to be applied identically, for example in the case of proper names. The spelling of the term is identical in source and target language.
Blue The term is to be translated in a pre-defined terminology.

The term is displayed in a separate Terminology pop-up window. In addition to the source language term and the defined target language term, the user receives metadata on the term like its definition, usage, and status.

Adopt Terminology

  1. Place cursor in target language segment.
  2. Click on a text in blue or green font in the source language segment. A pop-up with the term opens.
  3. Click on the take-over button next to the term.

Result: The term is inserted in the target language segment at the cursor position.

Terminology suggestion

  1. Mark text in the source language segment.
  2. Click the book icon in the functionbar. The popup terminology suggestion opens.
  3. Optionally Example, Description and Comment can be indicated in the column Source language and than translated in the column Target language.
  4. Click Save

Result: the terminology suggestion including all meta-statements and translations is included in the global list of terminology suggestions. Users with appropriate authorizations can transfer the terminology suggestions beforehand into a central external terminology management system, and make them globally available.


Adopt terminology suggestions (administration)

Terminology suggestions from users can be directly transferred to existing domains. To transfer terminology proposals to existing domains, the authorization: "Terminology: Manage proposals" must be assigned via the authorization profile. If a terminology management system such as acrolinx is connected to ONTRAM, the terminology proposals can only be transferred to the connected system.

  1. Navigate to the Suggestions menu in Terminology Management.
  2. Mark terminology proposals to be adopted to a domain using the checkbox in the Selection column on the left.
  3. Click the Transfer selected terms to domain button
  4. Select domain
  5. Click the button Accept Term

Result: The term is transfered to the domain.

Note: Transfered terms are supplemented by a time stamp (time: add to domain). If no other status is assigned to the terms after the check, the status of new terms is always "standard".