Domains contain terms and their desired translations. They can be assigned to jobs and job groups.

Create Domain

Domains are created by performing a terminology import.

Assign domains

  1. Click Administration > Jobs .
  2. Navigate to job or job group settings.
  3. Click General Settings
  4. In the own value column, hold down the CTRL key and click the desired domains.
  5. Click Save in the toolbar.

Result: domains were assigned. Terms from these domains are now highlighted in the online editor.

Note: when creating new jobs, the terminology comparison is performed automatically. For existing jobs, the terminology comparison must be carried out in order to mark the terms in the online editor.

Start terminology comparison

  1. Administration > Click Jobs and navigate to the desired job.
  2. Click the desired content part.
  3. Click Automation in the toolbar.
  4. Click Terminology Comparison.
  5. Click add tasks.

Result : terminology comparison is performed and terminology can be used in the job.