Release Notes

Sprint 23.4


New Features
  • ONT-1569 - Preview and export via web service: To integrate third-party systems, a web service configuration can now be made individually in the filter profile. This makes it possible to address different external soap services within a job group, depending on the filter used, in order to generate a preview or to transmit the final exported data.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1573 - Change requests: Soft breaks within a segment may have led to a change in the segment being incorrectly recognized. This mechanism has been corrected.


Sprint 23.3


New Features
  • Job administration: In the job administration, the display of the job/content parts has been optimized, the linked files are now easier to assign.
  • Job statistics: Depending on the personal setting in the user profile, the text quantity of a job is displayed in words or standard lines (or in combination): in the statistics pop-up in the jos tab, in the transfer mail and in the status export.
  • Offline Translation: The import of XLIFF or Word data (Translator Kit / Offline Word File) within a job has been revised so that the result of the import is immediately visible. The number of imported segments and the error log, if any, are displayed to the user.


Sprint 23.2


New Features
  • /
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1556 - Status overview: For jobs with several job parts, an incorrect value for the job volume may have been specified, this has been corrected.
  • ONT-1554 - Online editor: Protected spaces (nbsp) within terminology matches are now displayed correctly.


Sprint 23.1


New Features
  • ONT-1547 - Workflow Configuration: Disabling a workflow now displays an info about which job groups this workflow is used in.
  • ONT-1544 - Notification: With the new "Show statistics in transfer mail" permission, the user can view the statistics of the job in each transfer mail.
  • ONT-1542 - Job portal: Comments from the job container can be transferred to the translation job by coordination. A selection list facilitates the transfer.
  • ONT-1527 - Translation Memory: The handling of wildcards has been optimized in Translation Memory so that in the future the TM quota is not affected by the permissible deviating use of spaces within wildcards.
  • ONT-1511 - Translator Kit: In addition to the general reference data for the source file, the specific reference data for the respective target language are now also contained in the Translator Kit, specifically in a separate subdirectory.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1546 - Job creation in the order wizard: It is no longer possible to specify target dates that are in the past.
  • ONT-1545 - Status overview: In Excel export, the assignment of the current workflow step to the workflow role was incorrect under certain circumstances, this has been corrected.
  • ONT-1540 - QA check number formats: The QA check did not find numbers under certain circumstances if a unit of measure followed directly after the number; this error has been fixed.