Email support

To contact us via e-mail, please use the specific support email address provided of your company or your client which we have provided the contact person for ONTRAM. To enable us to understand and resolve your problem promptly, please enclose the following information within your email:

The support e-mail address usually follows the pattern [customer name]

As a guideline you can follow this pattern:

  1. What were you working on when the problem occurred?
    1. Name of the affected job segment, content, or function in ONTRAM
    2. Job ID
    3. Affected source and target languages
    4. User name or workflow role in ONTRAM
    5. If possible, the exact time of occurrence
  2. How does the problem show up?
    1. What should have happened?
    2. What actually happened?
    3. Please describe the step-by-step work process, so that we can understand and eventually replicate the problem quickly (see example in the next part)..
  3. The urgency of your request
    1. For a more accurate evaluation, please state if is it a critical issue directly preventing the use of ONTRAM?
    2. Do not hesitate to state other reasons that would justify the classification as urgent.
    3. Otherwise, please use terms like ”urgent“ and ”critical“ only if this is really the case.

Result: After sending your email, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement of the receipt from us. One of our support specialists will respond to your request and contact you to further clarify the problem.

Example for a step-by-step description:

  1. Logged into client system [] as Tony Translator
  2. Menue jobs is clicked
  3. Expected result: my job 1789, on which I worked yesterday, shows up in the list
  4. Actual result: job 1789 does not show in the list