In the tab jobs jobs are visible which you as a user are involved in

In the function bar the view can be changed.


View Description

my jobs

All pending jobs will be displayed.
user assignment Users with an assigning role can assign other users of workgroups to individual workflow roles by clicking on their respective names.

Status overview

View of all jobs with different filter options. Users can configure their own filters and save them as favorites.

Quick filter.

Quick filter ease the search for jobs.

The filters are available within the My Jobs and User Assignment views. In the columns Order number, Order, Language, etc., there is a filter in which a search term can be entered. The jobs found are listed and the search term is highlighted in colour.

To reset the filter, click the button in the filter line or press the Escape key.

Direct actions.

Direct actions can be performed for each job.

Advice: Some actions need special rights or will only be shown if the job has got a certain status.

Task Description
Online Editor Job opens in new tab
Calendar Upcoming target dates are displayed.
History Displays all handovers and comments

Displays statistics about characters, words, and standard lines.

The billing factor for the respective text type and the set billing unit is also displayed.

Job language administration The job language administration in the tab Administration is opened.
Time sensitive Job is marked as time sensitive
Send a message An input form for sending an e-mail to involved workflow roles of the job is displayed. This message is also saved in the history of the job.