Job Settings

The job-specific settings are configured under the Settings of a Job, Job Part or Job Group > Translation Memory (TM). The following properties can be configured:



Activate Translation Memory De-/Activate Translation Memory
Maximum number of TM matches Sets the number of how many TM matches per segment are displayed to the translator.
Minimum quality of TM matches Sets the minimum quality level of the similarity of texts to entries in the translation memory.
Recognize partial memory If more than 25% of the text to be translated already exists in a TM segment and it is at least 40 characters long, the text is identified as known and suggested to the user.
Minimum number of characters of segments for TM comparison To speed up the TM comparison, the minimum number of characters for texts to be compared can be set to >1.
Groups for TM leveraging This setting is also called the TM matrix. The TM matrix can be used to associate other job groups from which translation memory is imported. In addition, for each task group, you can define the order in which TM hits are displayed or if hits are preset.
Ignore line breaks during TM Leveraging of target languages If activated, missing or additional breaks are not taken into account in the TM comparison of the similarity of the texts.
Preallocate Fuzzy-TM If activated, texts are also prellocated with Fuzzy-TM, if preallocation has been configured in the TM matrix.
Quality of the Fuzzy-TM matches Sets the minimum quality level of the similarity of texts to entries in the translation memory for the pretranslation.
Activate check for repetitions If activated, repetitions that occur in the text are preallocated immediately.
Maximum number of Repetition matches Defines the maximum number of Repetition matches.
Minimum number of characters of segments for Repetition comparison Defines the minimum number of characters required to be used as repetition.
Determination of similar segments (Fuzzy Repetitions) If activated, similar segments are also displayed.
Minimum quality of similar segments (Fuzzy Repetitions) Defines the minimum quality level of similar segments.
Context-based preallocation  
Language-specific machine translation setting  
Machine translation Enables machine translation
Request machine translation Defines the languages for which machine translation should be used
Preallocate machine translation Defines which languages should get machine translated and preallocated.

Configuring the TM Matrix

  1. Navigate to the settings of a Job, a Job Part, or a Job Group.
  2. Click Translation Memory (TM).
  3. Click Add Group .
  4. Click on a job group.
  5. Optional: Click on additional job groups
  6. Optional: Select priority
  7. Optional: Enable preallocation
  8. Click Apply Selection .

Result: the job groups are displayed in the overview.