Terminology import allows you to create new domains with the terms they contain or to overwrite the content of existing domains. OLIF / TBX or Excel files packed in a ZIP archive can be used for import. When exporting a terminology domain, the status of each terminology entry is written to the export file (TBX and Excel). The user can select from a drop-down menu which status should be exported or whether each status should be exported. When importing the file, the status is retained.

Importing terminology

  1. Click Administration > Terminology > Terminology Import.
  2. Click Search
  3. Select file. ZIP files are supported.
  4. Click Open.
  5. Select domain.
  6. Optionally create a new domain by specifying a domain name.
  7. If necessary, check "Delete all old entries". All terms of the selected domain will be deleted and replaced by the terms from the imported file!
  8. Click Import.

Result: terminology imported in specified domain.

Note: When importing with the option "Delete all old entries", existing terminology of the domain is deleted and replaced.

Exporting Terminology

  1. Click Administration > Terminology > Terminology export.
  2. Click domain in the Terminology Export selection box.
  3. Select status in the selection field.
  4. Click Export TBX or Export Excel

Result: the terminology of the domain has been exported as an Excel file and can be downloaded from Finished Generations in the bottom bar of the page.