Job Creation

Jobs are managed in ONTRAM in job groups.

The job groups can be structured under different hierarchy groups which, for example, represent the different company divisions or otherwise structure the content of the jobs.

Different content parts (source files) can be created in one job, for example by importing a brochure as an Indesign file and a price list as Excel.

In manual job creation, the content parts can be assigned either to one job part or to two different job parts.

The job parts serve the content parts as subfolders, which combine all source files into one job.

Types of job creation

Depending on the requirements and permission profile of the user, there are several ways to create jobs in ONTRAM.

  • Job creation (Easy Wizard)
  • Job creation (Classic Wizard)
  • Create job (manual)
  • Bulk job creation
  • Automated job creation via FTP or web service (API)