View Settings

The settings can be made for the source language and the target language.

Display options for the source language


Terminology is highlighted in color in the source language segment and can be displayed or transferred to the target language segment.

Translation Memory

TM matches are displayed and can be transferred to the target language.

Instant Memory

IM matches are displayed and can be transfered to the target language segment.

Previous job

Matches from previous jobs are displayed and can be transferred to the target language segment.

Author's Corrections

Icons for editing source language segments and the author correction history are displayed.

Advanced Information

The segment IDs of the source language segments are displayed below the content

Maximum number of TM Proposals.

The user can limit the number of TM proposals. By clicking the arrow keys a maximum number of TM proposals between 1 and 9 can be selected.

Note: If the value 0 is selected, all TM proposals are displayed.

Display options for the target language


Comments and functions for writing and deleting comments are displayed.

Character counter

The counting characters function is displayed

Track changes

The icon for tracking changes will be displayed.

Marked items

Marked items will be displayed.

TM export options

The checkbox will be displayed for whether segments should be exported to Translation Memory.

empty target language entry

The function for marking segments as empty is displayed.

Table View

tables, are displayed in table view.

Source language correction edited

The icon for marking segments for which a source language correction has been adapted in the target language can be displayed.

Automatically preallocate repetitions

Transfer translation to segments with the same source language.

Show marker for preallocations

In order to identify different preallocation types even faster, users have the option to activate the color marking scheme for match types (terminology, instant memory, translation memory, etc.)

Color coding of preallocated texts and match types

The respective icons are displayed in the source language and colored bars in the target language segment.

The icons and colored markers are activated in the settings in the Online Editor:

  1. Log in to a Job
  2. Click menu Online Editor
  3. Click icon View
  4. Select a match type in the Source language column
  5. Activate Show Highlights for pre-translation in column target language
  6. Save

Result: The selected icons are displayed within the source language segment and the colored markings in the target language segment as bars on the left margin.


Text color or other function


Machine Translation


Fuzzy TM (if preallocated)

Light green

100% TM (if preallocated)

Dark green

Trusted TM (if preallocated)

Light blue



Match from previous job


Text Pool


Additional column

Two drop-down menus can be used to display up to two additional columns. These can be arranged either in the middle between the source and target language columns or to the right of the target language using arrow icons.


The additional column is not displayed.

Auxiliary language

An additional column is displayed in which a auxiliary language, which is also used in the translation job, can be selected.

Translation Memory

The highest prioritized match from Translation Memory are displayed in the auxiliary column. The Group path of the TM match is displayed above the text.

Previous job

Matches from a previous job will be displayed in the auxiliary column. The Group path of the match is displayed above the text.

Changes in current step of Workflow

The additional column displays the changes since the last transfer to the current workflow role.

Changes in the previous step of Workflow

The additional column displays the changes since the transfer to the last workflow role.

Change Request

In the additional column, accepted and not accepted change requests are displayed.

Note: Change requests are not saved as proposals until transfer to a Workflow role with complete write authorization.

Source language/target language comparison

Source language and target language are compared. The differences are shown in the additional column.