Resource planning (dashboard)

The RMGMT dashboard is where all the threads come together. View the assigned text volumes of individual users or work groups. Execute reassignments directly from the dashboard, e.g. if a user goes down. The system also calculates the availability of users in the RMGMT dashboard when a user is reassigned.

The dashboard can be found under Administration > Resource Planning > Overview

Planning overview

In the planning overview, you can get an overview of the text scopes assigned to users. You can also view target dates in the calendar view.

Arithmetical workload per day

To get more information about an assigned text volume in the calendar view, click on the corresponding entry. Additional information is displayed.

  • Arithmetical workload on the selected day in words
  • Maximum workload per day
  • Job name
  • text amount total per job
  • Calc. text amount per job
  • Calculated workload (The calculated workload depends on the configured weighting of the workflow roles)

Filter options

You have the option of filtering the planning overview according to your requirements, for example, in order to view only one specific service provider.

You currently have the following filter options:

  • Name
  • Target Language
  • Organisation
  1. Enter your criteria
  2. Click on "Apply".

Result: The view is filtered accordingly.

Note: If you want to resolve the filtered view, click on "Discard".

Perform transfers

You can transfer assigned scopes of text (jobs) to another user via the planning view. Perform the following steps:

  1. Click on in the column jobs from the user whose jobs you want to transfer to another user
  2. A list of all jobs assigned to the selected user is displayed
  3. Activate the checkbox for the jobs you want to transfer
  4. Then select "Transfer jobs".
  5. A user dropdown opens from which you can select another user

Result: The job was transferred to the selected user.

RMGMT performs a calculation in the background and shows you in the user dropdown whether the new user can handle the job. The following aspects are taken into account:

  • The text volume of the jobs to be allocated
  • The target date of the jobs to be allocated
  • The text volume and target dates of all already assigned jobs
  • The personal availability of the user, e.g. absence or a reduced workload

Change target dates of running jobs

  1. Click on in the column jobs from the user whose jobs require a change of the target date
  2. In the view "Running jobs" click on next to the desired job
  3. A popup opens, in which you can enter the changed target dates for the selected job
  4. Click on "Save".

Result: The target dates for this job have been changed. A change to the job administration in order to change the target dates from there is no longer necessary.