Release Notes Archive

Sprint 22.13


New Features
  • ONT-1537 - System configuration: The email address to contact support can now be configured separately.
  • ONT-1538 - Job portal: In the job language management, a link now leads directly to the job container. In addition, there is now a quick search in the job portal. By entering the job number, you also jump directly into the job container.
  • ONT-1539 - Workflow editor: The clarity has been improved. The workflows are now displayed in alphabetical order. Inactive workflows can be hidden.
Fixed Bugs
  • /


Sprint 22.12


New Features
  • ONT-1468 - Generate auxiliary language in the online editor: If required, each user can activate an additional auxiliary language in the current job. By means of machine translation, the spoken language is translated into the desired auxiliary language. To do this, navigate to "MT auxiliary language" in the menu item "Additional actions", select a language and start the generation. (This function is only available with separate authorization, and only if Machine Translation is available in the job group.)
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1528 - Jobs tab: The quick filters in the view "My jobs" are again available as usual.
  • ONT-1531 - Job creation with Easy Wizard: There was a problem with the reference data when several new files were uploaded, this has been fixed.



Sprint 22.10/11


Neue Features
  • ONT-1522 - Job creation: Individual target dates for each target language can now be set in the job creation wizard. Previously, the target dates applied to all languages.
  • ONT-1521 - User profile: In the personal user profile, the settings for the jobs tab can be adjusted or reset if necessary.
  • ONT-1519 - User assignment: Depending on the configuration, it is now possible to assign selected jobs in the jobs tab using the "Assign selected jobs to me" button.
  • ONT-1516 - System management: A log in the system configuration provides information about recently removed jobs or job parts.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1514 - Transfer current jobs: The "time-critical" marker has not yet been displayed in the list of current jobs of a user, this has been fixed.


Sprint 22.9


New Features
  • ONT-207 - User management: The user type can now be changed in the user management by support users.
  • ONT-1505 - Workflow-Editor: Workflow editor: Steps and transfers can now be placed in an individual order in the workflow editor in order to be able to adjust the display in the job management or in the transfer menu.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1503 - Merging segments: When merging segments in the online editor, the check for placeholders did not work under certain circumstances, so that segments could be merged erroneously. This test has now been repaired.


Sprint 22.8


New Features
  • ONT-1493 - Job portal: A substitute user can now be defined in the job container. This user receives a copy of each notification sent to the client and can access these jobs in the job portal.


Sprint 22.7


New Features
  • ONT-1483 - Repetitions: The new button "Transfer RPT" in the online editor makes it possible to transfer the content of a segment to all repetitions of the segment, even if translations are already available there - these are overwritten here.
  • ONT-1490 - Project dashboards: Two new evaluations have been added. "Duration until job completion" shows the average number of days from job creation to completion. And "Savings through ONTRAM" shows what percentage of the costs could be saved by using ONTRAM in the past 12 months.
  • ONT-1498 - System configuration / segmentation: In the system configuration, it can now be explicitly set which of the available Okapi versions is used for segmentation.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1497 - Search and replace in the online editor: There was a bug when replacing texts that contain round brackets. This is fixed and the replacement now works as desired.
  • ONT-1496 - The user interface in the group settings for configuring CC notifications, setting billing options and author correction has been revised and simplified.


Sprint 22.6


New Features
  • ONT-1486 - Notifications: Target dates (if configured) are now listed in each handover email, so that the participants are informed about the timing.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1487 - User Assignment: There was a display issue assigning users in the job management. Fixed issue.


Sprint 22.5


New Features
  • ONT-1477 - Job portal: If several filter profiles are available for the file type of the uploaded document, the user can select from the appropriate filters. The file is then imported by ONTRAM.
  • ONT-1476 - Job portal: Invoices provided by the service provider can now be downloaded from the job portal.
  • ONT-1474 - Job portal / external service providers: When connecting external service providers via API, the source file is now always supplied as a PDF view to clarify the context of the document.
  • ONT-1467 - Transfer job: The view for confirming the relevant options for billing a job has been simplified (applies to systems on which "Billing v2" is activated).
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1473 - Job management: The performance of the overview of all languages of a job has been optimized, the page now loads much faster than before.


Sprint 22.4


New Features
  • ONT-1466 - Context preview: The context preview in the right area of the online editor is now also available for the Office filter (docx / pptx).
  • ONT-1449 - Projects Dashboard: The Dashboard, located in the Administration tab, now works even when using other database systems.
  • ONT-1392 - Transfer notification: Depending on the configuration of the system, a link in the notification leads to the ONTRAM login or directly to the job, even for systems with SSO connection.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1469 - List view: The performance has been optimized so that this view is now loaded much faster.

Sprint 22.3


New Features
  • ONT-1401 - Context preview in the online editor: For certain filter profiles, a context preview can be activated in order to obtain a reference to the source document when translating. This view opens in the right pane and can also be opened in a separate window/tab if desired.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1462 - Job portal: Uploading output data after the job group has already been defined by the coordination, led to an error in the processing. This is now fixed.
  • ONT-1440 - My jobs: In some cases, the diagram for the proportions of the different text types in the total scope was not shown in full.


Sprint 22.2


New Features
  • ONT-1448 - Billing overview (v1): In the table, each column can now be sorted in order to obtain an overview of billable services more quickly.
  • ONT-1432 - Terminology: New domain type Excel ID. In these domains, a unique ID is created for each term and its translation. Only terms with the same ID are assigned within the translation. This makes it possible to make new translations and changes to translations via Excel import. Existing terms with other IDs will not be changed.
  • ONT-1195 - Feedback on the translation process: Customers in the job portal can now provide feedback on each job. The feedback questions can be configured individually. After 7 days, there is a reminder to the client, if no feedback has been given yet.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1453 - Terminology: Display of terms with activated stem form comparison: Due to a problem with the assignment of terms in the stem form, no term was marked in the source segment in individual cases. Fixed issue.


Sprint 22.1


New Features
  • ONT-1438 - Text direction: In the list view, LTR- and RTL markers (for changing the flow direction of the text) are now displayed as arrows.
  • ONT-1402 - Translator Kit: Comments on segments are now also provided in the Translator Kit. These are added as <note> to the <trans-unit>.
Fixed Bugs


Sprint 21.13


New Features
  • ONT-1404 - Jobs tab/ Batch Transfer: The joint transfer of multiple jobs has been optimized so that only workflow steps with valid user assignment can be selected as the target of the transfer.
  • ONT-1405 - Offline translation: Additional information about the job in the Translator kit. A file with history, comments and statistics is provided for each job.
  • ONT-1406 - Job creation: A comment field for each target language is now available in the Easy Wizard.
  • ONT-1416 - Instant Translation: The choice of target languages now depends on the selected source language and is based on the configured profiles. If the source language is changed, the list of available target languages is updated.
  • ONT-1426 - Job portal: As coordinator, it is now possible to return the job container to the client with a comment, for example to clarify open questions, by clicking on it. The new button "Return with comment to client" is located in the "Comments" tab.
  • ONT-1427 - Online editor: Individual special characters can now be defined, which are available for quick access in the online editor. The configuration is done in the user profile in the "Settings" tab.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1425 - Resource management: In calculating the workload, jobs that were already completed if exceptional transfers were made may have been taken into account. The calculation has been corrected.
  • ONT-1428 - Machine translation: Fixed an error when loading MT on segments with nested placeholders.

Sprint 21.12


New Features
  • ONT-1418 - Billing overview: The specification of the commissioning person has been added (first role in the workflow).
  • ONT-1414 - Job Portal: The export of all content parts is now started automatically when a job (created via the portal) is completed - regardless of the workflow configuration.
  • ONT-1391 - Job tab: Depending on the personal setting in the user profile, the text quantity of jobs is now specified in standard lines or in words. The default setting is the option "words and standard lines", so that both are displayed.
  • ONT-1367 - Job portal: A separate workflow can be defined for each quality level of a job, so that the optimal workflow is automatically started depending on the selected level.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1421 - Terminology Management: Removing complete terminology domains was not possible under certain circumstances, this is now fixed.
  • ONT-1349 - Billing overview: The Excel export has been optimized and significantly accelerated.
  • ONT-1409 - Fuzzy Memory: If "fuzzy groups" are defined for the calculation of the statistics, this information is now also correctly taken into account when displaying the statistics diagram in the jobs tab and for the Excel export (status overview).


Sprint 21.11


New Features
  • ONT-1374 - Machine Translation: Support for terminology in machine translation via DeepL. Terminology can be transferred to DeepL using a DeepL terminology configuration. This configuration can be selected in the group settings. The terminology is then taken into account when the MT is queried.
  • ONT-1364 - Protected job groups: Only the members of an "Authorised User Group" have access to these groups. Otherwise, a user has no possibility to view the texts to be translated, neither in the job management, in the TM browser, in the status overview or other places in ONTRAM, not even with administration permissions. The configuration is done by specially authorised support users.
Fixed Bugs



Sprint 21.10


New Features
  • ONT-1391 - Jobs tab: Depending on the respective setting in the cost profile, the text quantity is now specified either in standard lines or in words.
  • ONT-1403 - Online editor: Segments preassigned by Translation Memory with matching context are now also marked with the rocket symbol on the source language segment, and not only in the TM popup.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1408 - TMX Export: When a TMX file is exported from a running job, style tags become common placeholders. Fixed issue where correct style placeholders will now be exported, as is the case with TMX export from Translation Memory.
  • ONT-1395 - Job portal: To restart a failed file export, a button "Export" is now available in the order portal in the view "Result". The file can then be downloaded.


Sprint 21.9


New Features
  • ONT-1389 - Export of the standard user configuration: Quick Filters are now available in the online view.
  • ONT-1379 - Translator Kit: When you create Translator Kits for selected jobs in the "My Jobs" tab, the most recently used settings are saved and retained for a new call.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1384 - User Management: Fixed issue with Select All checkbox when transferring selected default user settings.
  • ONT-1385 - Status overview: Depending on the current configuration of the user, an error occurred when calling the status overview, this has been fixed.
  • ONT-1388 - Resource management: When transferring running jobs, only the relevant jobs are displayed and the loading time is accelerated.

Sprint 21.8


New Features
  • ONT-1375 - Status overview: The default filter now considers a period of 7 days.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1377 - Online editor: The filter after repetitions has been revised and is now working much faster.
  • ONT-1376 - Job creation: Navigation back to the previous step is now possible again, to correct the desired target languages for example.
  • ONT-1373 - Status overview: The Excel export has been adjusted and the column width has been corrected so that all data is displayed correctly.

Sprint 21.6


New Features
  • ONT-1350 - Machine translation: the amount of character usage is now counted according to category and broken down individually. The four categories are Instant Text Translation, Instant File Translation, Job Portal, Standard Automation Process.
  • ONT-1319 - User management: In addition to running jobs and default user settings, it is now also possible to transfer membership of workgroups and administration groups from one user to another.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1353 - Substitution feature: Fixed issue where signing in as a substitute of another user did not work in Google Chrome browser.

Sprint 21.5


New Features
  • ONT-1329 - Online editor: In the popup of TM matches, the path (job groups) is now displayed in the form of labels to make it easier to recognize the origin of the match.
  • ONT-1342 - Terminology: When importing data into an existing domain, the data type used (TBX, Excel) can now be changed, provided all old entries are deleted at the same time.
  • ONT-1341 - Filter configuration: The setup of an InDesign connector has been largely automated.
  • ONT-1340 - System administration: When using the "Super User" function, it is now easy to recognize by highlighting the user name that you are using the account of another ONTRAM user.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1334 - Online editor: Input field optimized for author corrections.
  • ONT-1346 - Status Overview: Fixed issue where Google Chrome could not manage target appointment changes and send messages to involved users on the Status Overview page.


Sprint 21.4


New Features
  • [ONT-1323] - Automation of smallTEAMS
  • [ONT-1306] - Notifications: it is now possible to deactivate the mail trigger "Transfer to me as a member of a workgroup".
  • [ONT-1322] - Routings in workflows: Workflow paths for specific languages are displayed dependent of the target language.
  • [ONT-1325] - Indesign: embedded elements (page items) can now be processed by ONTRAM. These page items are represented by a placeholder and inserted at the appropriate place.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1332] - Author corrections: the saving of autho corrections could lead to an error if the segment contained Terminology. This has been solved.


Sprint 21.3

New Features
  • [ONT-1302] - smallTEAMS: ONTRAM smallTEAMS is now fully automatically bookable.
  • [ONT-1316] - Online Editor: TM proposals (100%) are now highlighted in colours, when coming from specially configured job groups and when the target language is preallocated.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1324] - Multitransfer: when successful, a confirmation message is sent.


Sprint 21.2

New Features
  • [ONT-1300] - Oracle database upgrade / Ontram support for Oracle database 19c
  • [ONT-783] - User profile: After activating this function in the system configuration, each user can now upload a profile picture in their personal user profile. It will be diplayed in various places in ONTRAM, e.g. in the user assignment, status overview or the job history.
  • [ONT-1292] - Project platform: the amount of editorial projects is shown in the tile "project platform", if the user has the right permission and no other role in connection with the project platform.
  • [ONT-1297] - Job creation: When creating a new job with the easy wizard, the user can now access the job directly after creation with the button "Open job".
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1304] - In some cases, jobs were set unintentionally offline. This is not happening anymore.



Sprint 21.1

New Features
  • [ONT-1215] - Routings on workflow level: the possibility of language-specific routings in the workflow editor has been introduced.
  • [ONT-1294] - User profile: Forgotten password function has been revised and improved.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1296] - Online editor: If there were merged segments at the end of a section, this could lead to problems. This has been fixed.
  • [ONT-1301] - Workflow completion: some tasks failed after workflow completion. This has been solved.

Sprint 20.12


New Features
  • [ONT-1145] - Resource Management: additional filter options to check for availability of users. Multiple selection for individual criteria is now also possible.
  • [ONT-1284] - Corrections can now be exported as XLIFF
  • [ONT-1286] - Project Platform: User with the appropriate permission have the possibilty to see a log of all sent notifications concerning a job container.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1287] - Terminology module: with some specific combination of user permissions including the terminology tab, it could be possible to lose access to some key functions. This has been solved.
  • [ONT-1289] - User assignment / Workgroups: a membership in several workgroups could lead to an error in "privacy mode" and user names were not hidden in the "User assignment". This could be fixed.



Sprint 20.11


New Features
  • [ONT-1121] -Terminology: Terminology Management has a separate tab. This includes all terminology management features, including browsers, import, export and suggestion.
  • [ONT-1255] - Workflow Routing: New options for jobs that are fully pre translated by Machine Translation or Translation Memory and Machine Translation.
  • [ONT-1270] -Machine Translation: New MT engine ModernMT. This engine also allows training from corrected data. With ModernMT configuration enabled, the final texts are also sent to ModernMT, which improves machine translation on the next query.
  • [ONT-1276] -Note to supported browsers built in for SSO users.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1254] - Machine Translation: The post-processing of MT provider results, containing syntactic errors, has been improved.
  • [ONT-1266] -Translation Memory: The TM update is now also running correctly for segments that are more than 2 times merged.
  • [ONT-1267] - Job Portal: Using a different workflow will no longer cause an error in the job part.
  • [ONT-1244] - Job Portal: The automatic pre-selection of the name of the job part now works reliably.
  • [ONT-1273] - System Messages: Under certain circumstances, new system messages could not be saved, this has been fixed.

Sprint 20.10


New Features
  • [ONT-1230] - Machine translation: The actual amount of character usage is now displayed in ONTRAM. You can find the value here: Administration > Financial Functions > MT-Usage.
  • [ONT-1241] - Notifications: When changing the due date of a workflow step, or when a job becomes more urgent and is set to "Time critical", the actual user is being informed automatically per e-mail.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1245] - Terminology: The amount of active terms inside a domain is now been displayed correctly.
  • [ONT-1246] - Online-Editor / Search tools: Fixed the navigation between different sections.
  • [ONT-1247] - User management: when creating a new user, the desired source and target languages can be chosen.
  • [ONT-1252] - User assignment / workgroups: The batch assignment is working properly again.
  • [ONT-1258] - Project platform: after uploading data, the view will be automatically refreshed.
  • [ONT-1260] - Project platform: the validation of the data entered in an "Editorial" process could fail, depending on the configured languages. This has been fixed.
  • [ONT-1263] - Online-Editor: some special signs in the unicode character set (i.e.mathematical formulas) couldn't be handled by ONTRAM. Now they are displayed correctly.


Sprint 20.09


New Features
  • [ONT-1233] - Translation Memory: The language mapping to compare related languages from the TM despite a different language code can now be configured at group level. Individual settings for source and target languages are possible. The global configuration from the system administration is used as a fallback.
  • [ONT-1237] - Project platform: The project platform has been moved to a new and own tab.
Fixed Bugs


  • [ONT-1047] - Translator Kit Batch Import: Improved the logfile in case of a failed data import due to flawd data files.
  • [ONT-1212] - Status overview: The overdue marker won't be displayed anymore at completed jobs.
  • [ONT-1232] - User assignment: user dropdown is now shown correctly when the restriction of configured languages is activated or canceled.
  • [ONT-1239] - Status view: in some cases the Excel import was not working. We fixed this.

Sprint 20.08

New Features
  • [ONT-407] - Substitution function: The data model has been revised and made more robust.
  • [ONT-1167] - Working with workgroups: After assigning a job to a user in the "User Assignment" view, a confirmation mail is sent. This e-mail type can be deactivated in the personal user profile if required.
  • [ONT-1198] - Workgroups and Authorization Profiles: The data model has been revised and made more robust.
  • [ONT-1200] - Skip result of export checks: If enabled in the ONTRAM configuration, the QA check results are displayed when a transfer is performed if errors or warnings actually occur. If there are no errors or warnings, the result view is skipped.
  • [ONT-1202] - Resource Planning: The module "Resource Management" now has a separate tab in ONTRAM and can be accessed via the corresponding tile on the start page.
  • [ONT-1211] - Job Portal: After selecting the job group, it is now possible to select a different workflow if required. In this way, the optimal process can be initiated depending on the type of job.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1203] - QA-Check Export: The Excel export of the results of the QA-Checks did not contain all results if there were several results for the same segment.
  • [ONT-1204] - Online Editor: Terminology matches in the source segment were sometimes not displayed if the segment contained many placeholders.



Sprint 20.07

New Features
  • [ONT-697] - TM Browser: Option to search by wildcard. If you search for * in the word, all segments containing this part of the word will be found. A search for 'seg*' will find, for example, 'segment' or 'segmentation'.
  • [ONT-951] - TM Browser: New option to search for words in upper and lower case.
  • [ONT-1125] - Search Tools: After performing a text search in the current job, a segment filter containing all segments of the search result can now be opened using the button "Show in Editor". The relevant segments can be edited more easily in a common view in the online editor.
  • [ONT-1127] - TM Browser: With the selection * in the language menu it is now possible to search in all languages. For example, the translations of all languages can be found for a specific source text.
  • [ONT-1128] - System Messages and E-Mail System: These two functions have been combined to form the menu item "System news and Messages". When creating a new message, the type of message can be selected. The recipients can be selected conveniently. A history shows all sent e-mail messages.
  • [ONT-1130] - Translator Kit / XLIFF export: Logging has been improved so that invalid segments are easier to identify.
  • [ONT-1190] - InDesign Filter CS6: Allow switching to default font during export
Fixed bugs
  • [ONT-1193] - Machine Translation: Character encoding corrected.
  • [ONT-1196] - Online Editor: Handling of HTML tags when using copy and paste corrected.



Sprint 20.06

New Features
  • [ONT-642] - Workflow: Added the possibility to choose the workflow for a job in the job creation wizard.
  • [ONT-924] - Translation Memory: Configuration allows to define related languages for TM proposals.
  • [ONT-1108] - Job platform: Comments made during the translation process can be marked via the checkbox "Forward comment/attachment to client" and will be shown when the translated data is collected. Users with the user permission "Coordination" can mark comments afterwards.
  • [ONT-1170] - Workflow-Editor: The automatic action "MT-pre allocation" is available now, which allows a preallocation via machine translation at specific workflow steps.
  • [ONT-1173] - Job portal: Users with the new user permission "External Graphic Designer" can added to the job portal. These useres have a limited view compared to an internal graphic designer.
  • [ONT-1177] - Job platform: When a new job is created and started, there will be a note if some roles are not occupied.
  • [ONT-1187] - Messages: Urgent jobs ("urgent") will now be marked in every transfer job mail.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1180] - QA Checks: Optimization for very large jobs to improve the performance of QA checks with many results.

Sprint 20.5

June 03, 2020

New Features


  • [ONT-1088] - Machine Translation: new connection with Google AutoML. Googles trainable MT can now also be used in ONTRAM.
  • [ONT-1115] - New Alignment Module: for a more efficient memory creation, the content of two documents can now be compared and aligned with the new alignment module. The segments can easily be edited/aligned in the online editor. The result can be directly imported to the memory or be exported as TMX file.
  • [ONT-1144] - Ressource Management: Additions on the dashboard. Target dates can now be edited directly at the transfer of current jobs, and the columns are sortable. An info panel with the current allocated jobs can be opened with every occupied date.
  • [ONT-1171] - Online Editor: for a quick overview of the original, the check file of the source document will be linked in the online editor, if available.
Fixed Bugs


  • [ONT-1157] - Merging of segments: Before merging two segments, it will now be checked wether there are placeholders that would prevent the merge.
  • [ONT-1165] - Job portal: Optional documents (reference files) can now easily be uploaded with Drag&Drop.
  • [ONT-1166] - Job portal: Additional check for identical source and target language(which would be not allowed)
  • [ONT-1176] - Ressource Management: Correction of a bug that occured whenever the target date was exactly 42 days ahead.


Sprint 20.4

May 04, 2020

New Features
  • [ONT-1132] - Job transfer: When the current job is transferred to the next person involved in the workflow, the job can be closed directly after the QA checks have been checked, without the need for further mouse clicks.
  • [ONT-1155] - Messaging function: When sending an job-related message to the participants, the e-mail is now sent with the actual name of the sender, so that the recipients can reply directly in their e-mail client as usual.
  • [ONT-1105] - Job Portal: Reference data can now be uploaded using drag and drop.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1161] - Terminology Management: When exporting as an Excel file, some individual terms were not exported under certain circumstances; this has been corrected.

Sprint 20.3

April 06, 2020

New Features
  • [ONT-996] - More overview in "My Jobs" view: New jobs are marked as "Unviewed". A Translator-Kit-Icon marks the jobs where a Translator-Kit has been downloaded. In addition, one bookmark per language can now be placed on a segment to continue work at this point later.

  • [ONT-1111] - Target dates: In the Jobs tab, jobs are marked with a label if the target date has been exceeded. This way, overdue jobs can be identified quickly.

Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1136] - Target dates, which are automatically calculated and defined, now have the correct time to the second.
    [ONT-1143] - Machine Translation: Proposals from an MT engine are now marked with the correct language information in the additional column in the online editor, and placeholders are visually highlighted.
    [ONT-1147] - The function "Exceptional transfer" is again possible without errors.
    [ONT-1150] - In the user assignment view, all entries can be selected again with the "Select all" checkbox.

Sprint 20.2

March 09, 2020

New Features
  • [ONT-1022] - Resource Management module: In addition to the scope of the job, the concrete target date of the job is now included in the calculation of the workload of the users involved, in order to be able to determine directly whether this date can be reached by the user.
  • [ONT-1131] - Online Editor: Merge segments. Segments that were created by an incorrect separation can be merged in the online editor.
  • [ONT-1140] - Statistics: The weighting of segments with machine translation can now be configured individually.
Fixed Bugs
  • ONT-1118] - Message function: Sending messages to users involved in a workflow is once again possible without restriction.
  • [ONT-1119] - Machine translation: Handling of start and end placeholders optimized.
  • [ONT-1122] - Instant Text Translation: The output of particularly long texts now works correctly.
  • [ONT-1129] - Translation Memory: Handling of 100% matches with context match is now handled correctly, even if there are multiple exact matches for a segment.
  • [ONT-1137] - Terminology: If a term is displayed for a segment that originates from the fallback language (for example, "en" instead of "en-US"), this is now visible in the online editor.

Sprint 20.1

February 10, 2020

New Features
  • [ONT-1106] - Job Overview: Line breaks within comments are now displayed correctly in ONTRAM, as well as in the corresponding e-mail notification.
  • [ONT-1110] - Instant Text Translation: New permission "Job Creation: Instant Text Translation" is available for using machine translation with directly entered text.
  • [ONT-1116] - Online Editor: New segment filter for unmarked segments, accessible via Filter > Workflow > Markers.
  • [ONT-1120] - Job Management: When deleting a content part that has been processed with the TransPDF filter or with an InDesign filter, the corresponding raw data is removed via API in the connected system to free up storage space.

Sprint 19.12/13

January 13, 2020

New Features
  • [ONT-1051] - Online-Editor: In the search tools and in the TM-Browser, the original job ID is now shown with every found segment.
  • [ONT-1084] - TMX-Import: A new history of all accomplished imports is now available on the "TM Import" page. The data and log-files can be downloaded here.
  • [ONT-1089] - Automatisation (administration): Within the overview of all completed automation tasks, you now have the possibility to deactivate the periodically refreshment. There is also a new filter, to reduce the view to tasks according to a certain job or to jobs in a specific status.
  • [ONT-1104] - Instant Translation: Along with the direct machine translation of a document, the source text can now be entered directly in ONTRAM and be translated to several languages (according to the configuration and the available MT provider).
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1103] - Online-Editor: In rare cases, changes made by using "search and replace" were not properly displayed in the preview. This has been fixed.
  • [ONT-1095] - TM-Browser: When editing TM matches, non-breaking spaces are now displayed and processed correctly.

Sprint 19.11

New Features
  • ONT-1015] MT Report - Post Editing Distance: For translation jobs with machine translation, the calculation of the post editing distance can be activated in the workflow. The results are available in the status overview. 
  • [ONT-784] Job Tab: In the views "My Jobs" and "User Assignment”, the context menu has been replaced by the icons already known from the status overview, for direct access to the additional functions for each translation job.
Fixed Bugs
  • [ONT-1080] Workflow diagram in group settings was not displayed in some cases, this was corrected.
  • ONT-1086] After an import of terminology, the option "Remove all old terms" is reset before another import can be started.

Sprint 19.10

New features
  • [ONT-138] - Job management: When deleting a job, it is now possible to delete the associated translation memory data in the same step if desired.
  • [ONT-687] - Job export: If a job consists of several content parts, a ZIP package containing all content parts can now be exported using the additional function "Export all content parts" on the "Preview / Export" page. This means that the data no longer has to be exported one after the other.
  • ONT-834] - User Management: Displays the user's management groups in the user profile.
  • [ONT-1061] - Management Groups: The assigned order groups are displayed in the overview of the management group configuration.
  • [ONT-1072] - Online Editor: Protected spaces in the source document are now displayed as squiggles in the online editor, similar to the display in the target language.
Resolved Bugs
  • [ONT-1068] - Working groups: Under certain conditions, orders were not displayed in the "User Assignment" view. This has been fixed.
  • [ONT-1070] - Change target date: There was a problem when changing target dates in the order management. This has been corrected. If there is a deadline request from participating users in the workflow, this is communicated in the order management.

Sprint 19.9

New features
  • [ONT-347] - New QA check "Comments": This QA check returns all segments with comments if they were entered for the current role or for all roles. This QA check should therefore only be defined as a warning, otherwise the transfer may be blocked.
  • [ONT-1034] - Working groups: The configuration of workflows for the use of work groups is now much less complex. To use the simplified configuration, "simplified logic" must be activated for workgroups in the system configuration. A video showing the new settings and differences will follow soon.
  • [ONT-1056] - Working groups: User Assignment - The User Assignment view for workgroup jobs is now accessible directly from a tile on the home page, provided the user is a member of any workgroup and the new simplified logic for workgroup configuration has been enabled. The number of jobs that require assignment are displayed to the user on the new User Assignment tile on the home page.
  • [ONT-834] - User Profile - Displays the memberships in administration groups of the respective user in the user profile.

Sprint 19.8

New features
  • [ONT-1031] - Extension of the export of the status overview - The statistics for MT orders are now also available in the Excel export.
  • [ONT-1029] - Machine translation suggestions are now also available in Translator Kits (XLIFF). If translation suggestions from an MT engine are available for an ONTRAM job, they are included in the XLIFF file of the Translator Kit.
  • [ONT-1041] - Job portal: Jobs can now be removed and moved to an archive. Coordinators can delete archived jobs. Deleted jobs can be restored from the recycle bin if necessary.
Bugs fixed
  • ONT-1016] - User assignment: A user name containing an apostrophe could cause an error in user assignment. This has been fixed.
  • ONT-1040] - The drag and drop function for uploading data has been disabled in the Microsoft Edge browser.