Personal user profile

Within your user profile the personal data can be changed and your personal configurations for ONTRAM can be set.

Opening your personal user profile

  • Home page > Click User Profile.
  • or click the user icon in the upper right corner and click User Profile.

Result: The user profile opens up.

Personal Data

Feature Description
Last name The family name of the user.
First name The first name of the user.
Organisation The name of the organisation of the user, i.e. a company.
User name The user's login name. The login name is required when logging into the system.
New password The user's password. For security reasons, the password is not visible.
Email The user's email address.
Telephone The user's phone number.
Gender The gender of the user. If the user is generic or a company, Company can be selected.
Language The language of the user's interface.
Description An additional description for the user.

Editing personal data

  1. Open user profile.
  2. to change the data.
  3. Click in the toolbar to save.

Result: The changed profile will be saved.

Note: some configurations can only be set by administrators.