Transfers and comments

After processing, a job is closed, or passed on to a different workflow role. These transfers are performed in the Overview menu of a job. In the same menu, comments can also be added to the job without a handover.

Transfer Job

  1. Click Overview
  2. Select a transfer from the drop-down with Select Transfer . Optional add a comment or file.
  3. Click Perform task.
  4. Optional: if quality checks have been configured, they will automatically be triggered with the handover. Found errors and warnings are displayed.
  5. Optional: If the user can enter times or expenses, the corresponding input form is displayed.

Result: the job is handed over. The handover is displayed in the history and the following user is informed by e-mail that a job was handed over.

Add comment

  1. Click Overview
  2. Click History and Comments
  3. Enter a comment in the Comment field.
  4. Optional: attach a file
  5. Click Save Comment

Result: the comment is visible to the other workflow roles. The comment is displayed in the history.