Chat Support

Using the chat support you can get into direct contact with trained members of staff of the ONTRAM Team. You can clarify questions or problems in connection with ONTRAM using the live chat. To do so click on the link Chat Support on the start page or in the user menue in the top-right corner.

Advice: Please note that the access to Chat Support is only available for customers which booked this option through the ONTRAM Subscription.

The chat support dialog opens up to deal with your request when you have choosen the support team and have given us your name and email address. One of our friendly support staff will deal with your problem promptly and will communicate with you personally to try be of assistance using the chat.

Advice: If your question is cannot be dealt within the first level support procedure, your request is forwarded and will be processed on the second level support.

Contacting chat support

  1. Click Home > Chat Support. A new window opens up.
  2. If Support Germany is marked as "Online!" continue with step 3. If Support Germany is marked as "Offline":
    1. Click Send a Message . An input field opens.
    2. Enter your name in the Your name field.
    3. Enter your own email address in E-Mail.
    4. Enter a subject in the field Subject.
    5. Enter your request in the field Message.
    6. Click Send Email.
  3. Activate the top Support Germany team with the status "Online!".
  4. Enter your name in the Your name field.
  5. Optionally enter your own e-mail address in Your Email.
  6. Enter your question or problem in the box Your Question.
  7. Click Start Chat.

Result: An input mask with the Chat Support opens. The next available member of the support team will contact you asap via chat.

Leave chat support

  1. Click Exit in the open chat-support.

Result: The chat-support has been terminated.