Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut keys can be used to enter control commands such as Save or Add Comment.

Note:Keyboard shortcuts can be used only if they have been activated by a system administrator.

Predefined keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts can be used in ONTRAM:

Keyboard Shortcuts Feature
TAB Switch to the next target language segment
ALT + DOWN Next page
ALT + UP Previous page
ALT + J Next section (if pagination is active)
ALT + H Previous section (if pagination is active)
ALT + W Select
terminology matches in the source language (insert the selected match in the target language with ALT + RETURN)
CTRL + SHIFT + V Copy source language to target language
CTRL + SHIFT + M Adopt the first TM match in the target language segment
CTRL + K Add comment and focus on comment field
CTRL + SHIFT + F Focus on search entry
CTRL + SHIFT + G Open search and replace
CTRL + SHIFT + H Open concordance search
CTRL + SHIFT + Z Open context information URL (if set on current page)
CTRL + SHIFT + O Jump to the page number input field


Custom keyboard shortcuts

You can define your personal keyboard shortcuts in the user profile. These replace the predefined keyboard shortcuts.

Define custom shortcuts by concatenating several keys with a +. Examples\: "ctrl+shift+f", "alt+up", "meta+shift+space".