Job Portal

Via the job portal, external agencies, different company divisions or a certain group of people such as key account managers can create their translation orders with the corresponding key data in ONTRAM without having administrative rights.

After the translation process, the persons who created the translation job via the job portal have the possibility to export the final data in the corresponding target language(s) without being directly involved in the workflow.

People who use the job portal to create new jobs without being directly involved in the workflow can specify additional metadata for the job in addition to the source file, such as job title, source language, target languages, and a target date for completion of the job.

Navigate to the job portal

To navigate to the job portal, the user must have the permission Job Portal: Customer/Client assigned

  1. Click on the tile Job portal on the start page

Result: the job portal is called up

Create a job in the job portal (customer/client)

  1. Click the text Create job in the menu bar

Result: an input mask opens

Enter job specific data in the input mask

Job information

In the first part of the input mask the enter job information like

  • Job title
  • Source Language
  • target languages and the
  • target date can be entered.

All fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and must be filled in.

The role of graphic designer is optional.

If you are creating an InDesign job or a file that requires this role to be filled, please select the checkbox Job requires graphic designer at Process.

The graphic designer then uploads the data and checks it.

Client information

The section Client information automatically displays the user data of the user who entered the job data

In addition, information on the data creator (author) can be added for queries, and a cost centre and comment can be stored.

Source files

In the Source Files area (source files of the job) you can optionally

  • upload the source file and add
  • additional auxiliary or reference documents, such as previous versions or source documents with comments (PDFs or other documents as ZIP) for the source and/or target language
  • after the import of the source files the test data is displayed; the completely imported source files are additionally marked by a light green text button Import
  • Privacy policy depending on configuration

If you have imported a file by mistake, you can delete it using the trashcan icon.

Job type

In this section you can select the type of job corresponding to your data and thus define the quality level for your translation.

  • Standard process
  • Machine translation only
  • etc.

Further customer-specific quality levels can be defined and configured at any time. Please contact your account manager in this regard.

Machine translated jobs

Via the job portal, it is possible, for example, to have orders translated by a machine translation system (MT) connected to ONTRAM, such as Systran, GoogleTranslate, without further checking by a translator and/or proofreader. You will then receive a target language document translated by machine.

After clicking the Start Automatic Translation button, the files are processed and the texts are sent to the connected MT system. After the job is completed, the localized document can be downloaded.

To do this, click on the button Show completed jobs.

Result: The completed jobs page is called up.

Select the corresponding job from the list and proceed as described in chapter Exporting a Completed Job.

Job status

In the Order Status area, the order can be passed on to the coordination by clicking on the Pass Order button

If the checkbox Job requires graphic designer is activated, the job is transferred to the graphic designer.

An e-mail is sent to the role to which the job has been submitted, stating that a job is ready for review in the job portal. All users who are assigned the role Job Portal: Coordination or Job Portal: Graphic/Data Check are informed.

Check Job (coordination/graphic designer)

As a user with the authorization Job Portal: Coordination, you can view and edit newly created jobs in the job platform.

If the checkbox Job requires graphic designer for process is activated, the job is transferred to the graphic designer.

The users have access to the same input mask as the roles client and customer, or users with the authorization Order Portal: Customer/Client.

The graphic designer can now upload the files for the translation and/or check the already uploaded data via the check files.

The graphic designer can return the order to the client for further enquiries or hand it over to the coordination.

Coordination also has the option of selecting the job group in which the job is to be created.

As long as the job has not been created, the following possibilities for coordination exist in the lower part of the input mask:

  • Return to the client/customer
  • Transfer to graphics/data check
  • Convert to translation job
  • Saving Changes
  • Cancel Job

If all information is correct, checked and complete, the job can be converted into a translation job.

The target date is automatically copied into all target dates of the job.

If the selected group contains standard users, these users are also preset here and can be adjusted if desired.

The optionally uploaded target language information can also be linked to the correct target language here by clicking on the selection menu Template: Target Language.

By clicking on the button Finish and back the jobr is created in ONTRAM.

The job is created in ONTRAM, runs through automation and is handed over to the first user in the workflow.

Exporting a completed Job

If the job is completed in ONTRAM, the customer/client is informed by e-mail.

In the job portal, the user can download the final data in the completed jobs section by clicking on the icon.

The input mask of the completed job opens.

The target languages can be downloaded in the upper section Data export.

The function is only available as soon as the first language of the job is completed.

If you have activated the checkbox Job requires graphic designer you will find the documents in the area: Finalize - Final Artwork.

By clicking on the button Archive job, the client can archive the job. It is then no longer available in the list for the client in the job portal.

Uncompleted jobs remain in the Job Portal list until the job is completed. Current jobs are displayed sorted by date in ascending order.

In ONTRAM cancelled languages of a job, or completely cancelled jobs are no longer relevant for the job portal and are no longer displayed in the job portal.

Finalisation / final artwork by graphic artist

If the job was created with the option Job requires graphic designer, the graphic designer will be informed by e-mail after the target languages have been completed. The latter has the option of downloading the data exported by ONTRAM in the portal and uploading it again in the portal after final post-processing to make it available to the client.