Translation Memory in the Online Editor

If a TM match for a source language segment exists in the TM database, this match is displayed through a TM icon in the source language segment. The system differentiates among the following TM icons:

Icon Name Description
100% TM matches At least one TM entry corresponds 100% to a previously translated text.
Fuzzy matches The TM entries are only slightly different from previously translated texts.
Fuzzy hit (pre-translated) A fuzzy hit with pre-tranlated content.

A pop-up displays the source language text along with the TM matches found.

For a fuzzy match the match quality is determined. The differences between the source language text and the matches found in the TM database are marked in color. The user also receives information about which Job the match came from and when the TM was exported.

Note: If the user shows the translation memory in the view's settings as help column, the hits are displayed between the source and target language segments.

Adopting TM Matches

  1. Click the corresponding memory button (see above) below the source language segment. A pop-up with the found TM matches is displayed.
  2. Click to apply the TM match

Result : content of TM hit is transferred into target language segment