Automation manages various automation actions (tasks). These tasks may be interdependent and may require a specific processing sequence. The automation actions are processed in the form of a queue (automation queue). To distribute the server load, the individual automation actions can be processed on any number of servers. The automation can be configured and extended according to customer requirements. The following steps, for example, are controlled via automation:

  • Comparison of source language segments with existing translation memory
  • Preallocating 100% Translation Memory to target language segments
  • Comparing the source language with terminology from the Terminology Group configured for the Job
  • Exporting the Job's Translation Memory to the ONTRAM Translation Memory database
  • Comparing source language segments with segments from Reference Jobs
  • Generating statistics

Tasks Pending

The menu Administration > Automation > Tasks pending contains a list of pending tasks. All tasks that are waiting for processing by the automation are listed here.

Completed Tasks

The completed tasks are listed in the Administration > Automation > Completed tasks menu. Here are all tasks listed that have been completed by the automation previously.