Change Requests

The task of market representatives is to check and, where necessary, adapt translations to country-specific characteristics. For instance, equipment lists for products, legal texts and other regional differences may be specific to each country.

So that the translator can learn from the changes made by the market representatives while maintaining the quality of the translation, the changes are not adopted directly, but marked as change requests. The Job is then returned to the translator after the market representative has completed his review..

The translator can adopt the change requests in his translation, incorporate them or reject them.

Editing Change Requests

Change requests are written by the market representative and either accepted or rejected by the translator. The market representative thus uses the same View as a translator and changes the target language contents in the target language segment. These changes to the target language contents become change requests when the Job is transferred back to the translator.

Change requests are processed in the Change requests submenu of the Reports menu. However, change requests can also be displayed at other locations on the edit view.

Order > Reports > Change requests

Within Job > Reports > Change Requests, all change requests are displayed. Change requests can be edited on this page.

A workflow step and an extra column can be selected via the drop-downs in the toolbar. The workflow step filters out all change requests that have been written up to the selected workflow step. With the Extra Column drop-down the current target language or source language can also be displayed next to the corresponding change requests.

Change requests can be adopted or rejected in the second-to-last column.

Change tracking under a target language segment. Change requests are listed with the type Change request .
Display in additional column If the extra Change Requests column is enabled on the edit page, change requests that have been adopted and those that have not been adopted are displayed in this column.
Filter segments If the Change requests filter on the edit page is enabled, only segments with change requests are displayed. When this filter is enabled the extra column Change Requests is displayed.

Adopting Change Requests

  1. Log into a job.
  2. Click Reports > Change Requests .
  3. Click drop-down in the second-last column and select Accepted .

Result: The change request was adopted and applied to the target language segment.

Note: Change requests cannot be reset after they have been adopted.

Rejecting change requests

  1. Log in to a Job
  2. Click Reports > Change Requests .
  3. Click drop-down in the second-last column and select Rejected .

Result: The change request was not adopted.

Note : Once a change request has been rejected, it cannot be reset.

Note: In the column header, all change requests can also be rejected or accepted at once.