General overview of a job

When a job or job part is opened, the job is displayed on its own tab.

The job overview, which can be found in the menu area under Overview, contains general information about the job or the job part. All important information such as status, language, timing, own role for a job is displayed to the user.

From the Overview menu, the user can perform transfers and access all other menus for the job.


Frequently used menus accessible from the overview can be called up by clicking on the corresponding tile:

  • Online Editor
  • Offline Translation
  • Preview/Export
  • Perform QA check
  • View statistics
Further functions of the overview page
Function Description
Handover Order can be passed on to the next workflow role.
History and comments History of the job is displayed. The user can leave comments for other users involved in the job, which are displayed in the history after the save operation. When the comment is sent, the job is not transferred.
Calendar All dates configured for the jobr are displayed.
Send a message The user can send an email from the job to the other persons involved in the job. The message is not stored in a mailbox or displayed in the history.
Workflow Here the user can see which workflow is stored for the job. The workflow graphic can be called up. All persons involved in the workflow are displayed with contact details.
Reference material Here the user can download reference material for the job
Filter test data The filter check files that are created during job creation can be viewed by the user in this tab.