My jobs

All jobs in which a user is assigned to a role are displayed. A distinction is made in the representation as to whether a user is the active or inactive role in the workflow at the time of viewing.

Active role: A job for processing is assigned to the user. These are displayed first in the list.

Inactive role: A job for processing is pending by another user. These jobs are displayed in the list below the jobs in which the user has an active role. These jobs can be hidden or shown as required.

The following detailed information is displayed:

Information Description
Job ID. Unique number of the job
Job / Job part / Job path Name of the Job / Name of Job part / Location of the Job in the folder structure.
Language / Source Target language / Source language
Words Number of words to be translated
Progress Display of the translated texts as a percentage of the total.
Received on / My workflow role Date of the last transfer / Display of the workflow role of the logged-in user
Current step Workflow role which is currently active in the Workflow.
My due date / next user Display of the next transfer / Display of the next workflow role