Spell checks

The spell checker in the online editor is queried via the dictionaries installed in the browser. New words can be added to the dictionary easily and individually.

Add dictionaries in Firefox

By default, automatic spell checking is enabled in Firefox. You can add as many dictionaries as you need.

  1. The Mozilla Add-ons page with dictionaries and language packs opens in a new tab. To add a dictionary to your Firefox installation, click the "Install Dictionary" link next to the dictionary you want to add.
  2. The Add-ons page of the selected dictionary is called. Click Add to Firefox.
  3. The window for software installation opens. Confirm the installation by clicking on Install Now. This opens the Add-ons window where you can follow the installation.
  4. To activate the dictionary, click the Restart Now button in Add-ons Management.
  5. Right-click in a text field.
  6. If one or more dictionaries are already installed, open the Languages submenu and select the appropriate dictionary.

For more information, such as correcting misspelled words or deleting a word that was added by mistake, see Firefox Help .

Add dictionary in Google Chrome

Chrome has an automatic spell checker that circles misspelled words in web forms in red. By right-clicking on a word marked in this way, Chrome shows you correction suggestions which you can accept with a single click. Or select "Add to dictionary" if the word is spelled correctly but not recognized by Chrome.

You can subsequently edit the user dictionary by clicking on the menu icon to the right of the address line. There, select "Settings", scroll all the way down the settings page, click "Show advanced settings", then "Language and input settings" and finally "Custom dictionary for spell checking". In the "Language and input settings" you can add additional languages if required. You can switch flexibly between languages by right-clicking in a web form field and navigating to "Spell Check Options" on the shortcut menu.

There you will also find the option "Suggestions from Google". If you enable it, Chrome will use the same powerful spell-checking feature that Google uses to eliminate spelling errors in searches. However, your input into web forms is sent to a Google server in the background.

To turn spell checking off completely, right-click in a text box and disable Spell Check Options > Check Spelling in Text Boxes.