Previous Job

For an "Update Job" that is an update of a previous job, the previous job (e.g. from the previous year) can be linked as a reference in the administration.

If there is a translation for a source language segment from the reference job, this is displayed by a button below the source language segment. The text segments displayed from the reference job can – similar to the TM proposals – be viewed for each segment and adopted as desired.

Adopt Reference Text

  1. Click the button below the source language segment. The pop-up that opens shows a window displaying the source language text from the Reference Job.
  2. Click the Apply Button within the window.

Result: The translation from the reference job is copied to the target segment.

Note: To have the texts from the reference job displayed in the Online Editor, the option Reference must be activated in the Source Language column of the view settings. You also have the option of displaying the reference text in one of the auxiliary columns.