Track Changes

The Track changes shows a history of changes and change requests for a specific target language segment. The actual check whether changes were made is done after Job has been transferred.

The Track changes shows a list of changes, the type of change, the user and the date.

By clicking on the Change button, the change or change request is displayed in an additional column in the Online Editor.


Track changes

Characters that have been added are marked yellow, characters that have been deleted are crossed out in red while unchanged characters are not marked.


The type can be a change or a change request. If target language segments were automatically preallocated, the system displays the type Preallocated.


The user responsible for the change.


Date and time of the change.

Open Track changes

  • Click on the history icon below a target language segment

Result: A pop-up opens, displaying the history of changes made to the corresponding target language segment.