Configuration of the billing options

  1. Select the menu item Billing in the job group settings
  2. Click Administration > Jobs.
  3. Navigate to the settings of a job or a job group.
  4. Click Panel Billing.
  5. Click on the Edit billing options button in the Own value column.
  6. Click Billing options while holding down the CTRL key. The following accounting options are available for each workflow step: Time, amount of text, additional effort, no effort can be set.
  7. Click Save.

Result: Time expenditure can be entered with the time intervals set here when the job is transferred to the next user.

If only one billing option is to be selectable for the workflow step, the checkbox: Only exclusive billing after one option must be checked.

  • Select recordable time interval (5/10/15/20 minutes)

Note: Quantities of text are recorded automatically.

Note: It must be ensured that the users to be billed belong to the configured organizations. Depending on the billing options configured, the users must have the authorizations Billing: Billing by text quantity and Billing: Billing by effort The properties configured under Statistics (Billing) have no effect on billing. The memory tapes from the user's job costing profiles are used for settlement.